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Welcome to The Tutor Shop

At The Tutor Shop, we bring together tutors who have been helping students to achieve their true potential for over twenty years.Your child's success is our business!‚Äč

See the success!

We realize that not all students "get it" in school. At The Tutor Shop we teach your child to learn. We celebrate their learning and their achievements. The secret of our success is that we truly understand our students, we know that they all learn differently, and we care about their progress. We are committed to working with parents, students and teachers to get the very best results. Our proven teaching and learning strategies get guaranteed results, build student confidence and improve grades. If your child is struggling, has a learning disability, or just wants to get ahead, we can help!

Experience the joy of learning!

At The Tutor Shop, our mission is to provide an individualized tutoring program of the highest quality that will result in improved grades, raised self-esteem and a life-long love of learning. Our fees are extremely competitive because we understand that families have many other commitments. 

For details about programs that we offer Please telephone: 07443 829 055

Tutoring you can afford!

Because we do care that your child is able to experience the best that tutoring can offer, we encourage you to enquire about our scholarship program and free reading programs. Your child should not have to miss out because you just can't afford it.