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Primary School 

If your child isn't making good progress in school, then this is naturally a huge concern. We get many enquiries from parents wanting to know how long it will take for their child to catch up. There is no set answer to this question - each child is different. A lot depends on whether your child has a learning difficulty r not, and on how far behind he or she is. 

Additionally, the number of tutoring sessions per week can make a great difference. We have found, however that in one or two sessions per week all our students make amazing progress and parents start to notice the difference within a matter of weeks. Most of our parents quickly notice an increase in confidence and attitude towards learning. With this new level of confidence, students can develop key skills needed to learn. We usually see grades starting to improve within the first three months for most children. This is dependent upon the child, and their individual situation, but all children can be taught strategies and techniques for improving the key areas in Math, Reading, Writing and Comprehension. These skills can then be applied across other subject areas. 

We have dedicated programs to prepare students for overall success as well as for tests. Tutoring sessions can be delivered within the comfort of your home, or we can meet at a local library if you prefer.